100% ready for birth
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100% ready for birth

Birthworkshop  – prepare for birth – couples

English birth preparing classes. We will talk about natural birth, and what can happen during birth, if the birth does`nt progress as planed. What can midwifes and doctors do to help you in theese situations. What is natural birth, what complications can occur and why, and what can be the solution. What is possible in Denmark, medical help, birthing positions, massage, train the important birthbreath and learn about the body pain reliefe system. You will learn how to use the body and breath and we have a body-breath movement workshop included so you and your partner know exactly how to give birth and when to use the different Yogamidwife birthing technics, that includes, birth breath, movements, massage, the most important, and  crucial support, both physical and mental support,  and how to do a “body-reading” and how to communicate during birth so you know what is needed as support and how you get the support you need. communication is important between all helpers and the woman.

You will not need other preparation classes, its in one day and all is included.

What is expected from both during birth and how is life in the new family. The day will be just as relevant for the mother and the father, and will fully prepare you for birth. I belive that knowledge will make you feel calm, ready and prepared. You will learn to give massage, rebozo, how to avoid a traumatic birth experience what signs to look for and how to handle the supportive role. You as a partner will fell confident and know when to help and how to coorporate with the mother and read her signals, and what to do during the different phases in birth.

You will recieve a number of questions before the actual class so the day will be tailormade, for the participating couples. You will learn to give massage and will recieve a number of questions before the actual class so the day will be tailormade, for the participating couples. You will not need other preparation classes, its in one day and all is included.

Network after class, Many couples becomes friends after the class and can help, support and follow each other in pregnancy and after birth. When you write for a new class, that is`nt listet, then we arrange the date and time together, and you can influence the date and time. You can follow the class online if you cant be here. Write to kontakt@yogakey.dk

You can read more on the english webpage Yogamidwife.com

English workshop for couples 100%

Time:    11.00 – 17.30

Date:     13.11

Price:    1600 kr (tilskud fra danmark)



I had Camilla’s birth class recommended to me by another Copenhagen expat, as a great one to take for an English speaker. I went in with a lot of anxiety, not only around an already difficult pregnancy but also birthing, navigating the medical system in a foreign country and what comes after that. To be honest, I wasn’t at all expecting any of that anxiety to be quelled by a birthing class – I just wanted to dispel some of the mystery surrounding birth as a first-timer.

Camilla’s class not only exceeded our any expectations we have but left us both feeling incredibly buoyant and even maybe a little excited about the prospect of taking this journey together. Camilla is all at once, funny, relaxed, amazingly informative and knowledgeable about techniques and latest research but also about the emotional side of what goes into giving birth and becoming a parent. I walked out feeling like I could easily tackle what was ahead and feeling much, much less worried about it. This from someone who had readily decided that I wanted an epidural and to try to block out as much of the birthing experience at first convenience before doing the class.

It also made my partner feel much more like he was an integral part of the process and brought us so much closer as we felt like we were going into this with our eyes open and as a team.

Thank you Camilla! You were made to do this and I can’t even imagine how many couple you have helped on an almost indescribable level.

Kate 2021

Kontakt fødselsforberedelse.dk

Adr: Ved Klædebo 9 F, stuen
2970 Hørsholm
Email: kontakt@yogakey.dk

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